ya hay ganas : Movin’ On !!

SATURDAY October 1st 2011

[Next date: December 2nd & 3rd 2011]

Calle Vallmajor 33 – Plaza d’Adria (Barcelona)
FFCC: Muntaner
23:30 h – 05:00 h
Admission: 10 euros (including drink)
For more info: http://www.facebook.com/movinon
Email us at: movinon_barcelona@yahoo.com


+ SATURDAY SOUL SESSIONS on SATURDAY 1st @ MINUSA CLUB (calle Valencia 166, 08011 Barcelona) – from 17:30 to 21:00 – Guest Djs: SKY MARK & RICARD PRIETO

I have been collecting records for the last 15 years. I started listening to 60’s soul and I then gradually moved on to other sounds taking me through disco, modern soul, jazz funk and all the way to house and hip-hop.
When I lived in Spain I was a regular in some of the allnighters in Madrid and Valencia where I still have lots of friends and I don’t go as often as I would like. Since in London I organised and played at the Soul of the Barrio monthly club where you could hear sounds from rare 60’s soul to Modern Soul, Disco and Jazz Funk
This will be my first time at Movin on and this are some of the records you might hear at my sessions.

G.D. & the Big J: Movin’ on (Good)
James Walsh: Cuz it’s you, girl (RCA)
Caviar: Never stop loving you (Survivor)
Reggie Griffin: Whisper in your ear (Sweet Mountain)
Rockie Robbins: I never knew (AM)
Sunfire: Step in the light (WB)
Harvey Mason: The race (Arista)
Lou Courtney: I don’t need nobody else (Epic)
Alfonzo Surrett: Gimmie your love (MCA)
Sadane: Make up your mind (WB)
Ronn Matlock: I can’t forget about you (Cotillion)
Central Line: Don’t tell me (Mercury)
Fiona Harriot: Real love (GT’S)
Quinn Golden: I can’t live with you (Traction)
Michael Baker: Don’t you want my lovin’ (JDC)
Cool Million: Back for more (SedSoul)

Hi! I started to DJ in late 90s, fascinated by the whole spectrum of Soul music. You can expect a quality mix of 70’s/ crossover / dancefloor Jazz / northern, modern & latin soul 45s, depending on what you’re in the mood for!
Since more than ten years now, i’m selling & trading 45 rpm records as a fulltime job (http://revolver-records.net/), after being one of the resident Djs and promoters of the “Home Cookin'” parties in La Rochelle (France), lived in south Portugal and USA, I spend now my time beetwen Paris, Lisbon and the United States for Djing , buying & selling records for my customers.
In the past I have been lucky enough to Dj at several clubs & Weekenders in Europe & USA… to name a few:
Euro YéYé (Gijon, Spain), Le Beat Bespoke (London, UK), Lavarone Mod Weekender (Italy) , Emerald City Soul Weekender (Seattle, USA), ModChicago Weekender (Chicago, USA), Wand Dang Doodle Weekender (Dresden, Germany), The Boiler (Barcelona), Black Eyed Soul Club (Hollywood, USA), Hibs Club (Edinburgh, Scotland), Satisfaction (Los Angeles, USA) , The Riviera Affair (Nice, France), Paradise Lounge (San Francisco, USA), Breathless Mod Weekender (Paris, France), Sound of Soul (Vienna, Austria), Down In The Grooves (Leeds, UK), Swan Club (Valencia, Spain)…
I’m looking forward to play my 45’s at the Movin’ On and see all my friends from Barcelona!!! See you all there.

Eko: Love can be happy (Bad Boys)
Dreamflight: Time (long view)
Arnie: Love we had enough (Tap)
The Markkeys: My sweet baby (Tcb)
The Emotions: Flowers (Columbia)
Kool Blues: Can we try love again (Capsoul)
The Mark IV: If you can’t tell me something good (Brite lite)
Tenison Stephen: Where would you be (Aries )
Raw Soul Express: The way we live (Cat)
Veda. What’s all about (West sound)

Soy Escarles Johansson, el hermano feo de Scarlett. Como en el colegio todos querían ser amigos míos para venir a merendar a casa y poder ver a mi hermana, decidí pasar de las amistades y centrarme en la música. En el instituto empecé a obsesionarme por la cultura mod y todo lo que ello conllevaba. A día de hoy, mis gustos no dejan de crecer y abarcan desde sonidos afroamericanos de finales de los 50 hasta la actualidad, pasando por 60’s rare soul, Xover, modern, disco, boggie, r&b, jazz, ska, etc.
Soy un regular del Movin On’ desde sus inicios y es un honor para mi poder pinchar en uno de mis dos clubs favoritos de la ciudad.
Nos vemos en octubre!!

I’m Escarles Johansson, Scarlett’s ugly brother. As at school everybody wanted to be friends of mine to come to my place and see my sister, I decided to leave my friends and began to be interested only in music. At the secondary school I began to be obsessed with all related to the mod culture. Nowadays my preferences don’t stop growing up and go from 50s to current black music, 60’s rare soul, Xover, modern, disco, boggie, r&b, jazz, ska, etc. I’m a regular at Movin’ On from the beginning and I am really pleased to dj at one of my two favourite clubs in Barcelona. See you in October!!

Lady Margo: Simply got to make it (Cynthia)
Backyard Construcction: I want your lovin’ (B.Y.C.)
Flora Wilson: Dancing on a daydream (Soulvation Army)
Ago: For you (Hispavox)
JNB: I’ll be the one (Glyn)
The Lost Family: Blow my mind (Innovation)
Bob & Gene: It’s not what you know (Ever-Soul)
Dave Carboni: Magic Lady (Do-It Box)
Janeen Jordan: Mr Magic Man (Lyndell)
Tony Sherman: Sing with me (Discophon)

+ MOVIN’ ON DJs: Eduardo Domingo & Cristina Alonso


Acerca de sr. juandó

DISCOS JUANDÓ c/ LLUNA, 27 08001 BARCELONA tel 935540998 email discosjuando@hotmail.com horario LUNES a SABADO de 10:30 a 14:00 y de 16:30 a 20:30
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  1. Alberto dijo:

    Y ahora a por el Movin’On WEEKENDER primer finde de diciembre, que hay ganazas!!! (previa parada y fonda por Le Clean Cut, permítaseme el exabrupto autocomercial ;-))


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