la troika del Movin’ On de abril 3/3: LARS BULNHEIM

LARS BULNHEIM ******* Movin’ On 6th of April DJ
Something about him …

lars bulnheim*Which was your first experience into the rare soul world?
My first experience into the world of rare soul was a fleamarket in Hamburg. I baught a stack of 45s, just because they looked good for cheap money. Among that was Homer Banks “60 Minutes Of Your Love” and that blew me away. The next record was Wilson Picket’s LP “I’m In Love” and from then on there was no stopping me. Well that was 25 odd years ago.

* Which is your main aim or interest when playing your records to a soul crowd?
My main aim is to play records, that do surprise the crowd. I always try to find the sound, that was unheard before allthough this is getting tougher and tougher these days. Of course I like it, when people dancing, but I’m happy when they just appreciate what I do.

* If you’ve been playing for Movin’ On before, how do you rate your previous experience? If not, just tell us what do you expect it to be.
Movin’ On is really special to me for several reasons: 1. It is the only club I’m aware of, that really got an open minded music policy, you can play a Northern record, next to a 70’s sound, next to a funk record and the punters appreciate it. 2. The spanish crowd is going out to have a good time. In germany and even worse in the UK, people prefer to moan about everything… 3. The Jazzroom is great club 4. It’s once in a year, that I have the chance to see people, who became friends over the years. I expect it to be a great party and I have no doubt, that it will be like that (see points 1-4).

Current Top Ten:
Jus’ Us – Just Us Together – Antoinette
The Grooms – Slow Down – Shiptown
Inell Young – What Do You See In Her – Libra
Joni Wilson – (Let Hurt Put You In The) Loser’s Seat – Volt
James Monroe – Far Downb – c/up
Double O’s Demingo’s – Color One Tear Black – Split
J.T. Allen – Working Hard – Delmar
Bobby Watkins & Fire – Soul On Ice – Bay Town
Bootsy Phelps and Gary – Together In Heaven – Philmore Sound
Clear Daze – Baby It’s Nice (To Be Cared For) – Jamesland


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