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11th May 2013
FONSOUL (Barcelona)
+ Resident Djs: Jordi Duro & Cristina Alonso

Carrer Vallmajor nº 33 – Plaza d’Adria (Barcelona)
FFCC: “Muntaner”
Admission: 10 euros (including drink)


Ever since I was a teenager, I remember myself being passionate with the 60’s music and its culture in general. I was very young when I first saw the shape of 45 record. It was love at first sight! I’ve started as a DJ at 17 and played music in lots of well known clubs in my town and in Greece as well. Since then, I’ve been a mighty collector of rare 45’s and mainly collecting original vinyls . From the moment I’ve started earning my own money, it was the time I became a serious collector, interested only in originals 45’s. I mostly collect singles based on two of my favorites passions; the 60’s R&B/Mod/Popcorn/Northern Soul sounds, and the US-European 60’s Garage/Psych sounds and of course the Greek 60’s singles! In the mid 80’s, I established, with two fellows, one of the first ”record mail orders” in Greece selling vinyl records all around the country and abroad, too. Furthermore, in the late 90’s, I was broadcasting on a local radio for ten years in a row. I spin my 45’s on various dance floors urged by my desire to play my fave sounds to people who have the same passion as me. As a DJ, my main concern is to provide a continuous dance beat to entice more people on the dance floor playing known and mainly unknown records that I discover from time to time.This time, I will be in lovely Barcelona at the famous and unique Boiler Club, after being invited by Cristina and Jordi. I would like to share my passion with all the fans who are going to be there. Here are a few fave rhythms you can expect to hear from me.

Yvone Vernee – Just Like You Did Me (SonBert)
Little Nicky Soul – I Wanted To Tell You (Shee)
Charles Johnson – You Made A Mistake (Rainbow)
Joseph Leon Williams – Little Girl Take Your Time (acetate)
Robert Cardwell – L.S.D (Velvet)
Mike Shannon – I’ve Been Lookin For (Prive)
Jokers – Soul Sound (Sko-Field)
Ray Rivera – Troubles, Troubles (Dayhill)
Peggy Phillips – Is That So (Scoop)
Grey Imprint – The Other Side (Clear Hill)


Before being a DJ I am a Soul 60s vinyl collector. I’ve started to collect soul vinyl when I was 15. My first trip in the US was in 82, during the last 30 years I have travelled across the USA and have accumulated thousands of soul vinyl. What I like the most is when I grab my car at the airport, at this time I know that I am in the soul mine for digging records. Then when I am back in Paris I like to share this passion, enjoy the music with friends (with a nice bottle of wine) and as a DJ. I have been in touch with the Mod scene & Popcorn scene during the 70s & 80s. Nowadays my target is to revitalize the French Northern Soul Scene in Paris. With 3 friends we are running “Paris Magic City Northern Soul” quarterly events in Paris. In a few months I move to New York for some years and I trust I will continue to enjoy my passion with the local soulies! What I like to spin is quality Rhythm & Soul/Northern Soul even if I have R&B, Boogaloo, Jazz-Groove in my collection. Just to give you ideas see after a few of them I bring with me to the Boiler for the nighter:

Soul Incorporated – My proposal (Coconut Groove)
Fortson & Scoot – Sweet lover (Pzazz)
Bob & Fred – I’ll Be On My Way (Big Mack)
Otis Lee – Hard Row To Hoe (Quaint)
Betty Wilson – I’m Yours (Dayco)
The Masqueraders – How (LaBeat)
Ty Karim – Lighten up baby (Car A Mel)
Ty Karim – You just don’t know (Romark)
The Camaro’s – We’re not too young (Dar Cha)
Little Tommy – Baby can’t you see (Sound Soul)
Mel Britt – She’ll come running back (Fip)
Frankie Beverly – Because of my heart (Fairmount)
Sam Williams – Love slipped through my fingers (Tower)
Johnny Barnes – Without your love (JAB)
Milton Parker – Women like it harder (Closet)
George Blackwell – Can’t lose my head (Smoke)
Anthony & Delsonics – Every Time (Emerge)
Jimmy Wallace – I’ll be back (Alpha)
Ivorys – Please stay (Despensa)
Groovettes – Think it over baby (Reness)
Four Tracks – Like my love for you (Mandigo)
Lenny Curtis – Nothing can help you now (End)
The Cautions – No other way (Shrine)
Mikki Farrow – Set my heart at ease (Karate)
The 7th Avenue Aviator – You should ‘O held on (Congress)
The Masqueraders – Do you love me (Wand)
Cleveland Robinson Jr – Love is a trap (Nosnibor)
Dave Charles – Ain’t gonna cry no more (Donnie)
Troy Dodds – Try my love (El Camino)
Louis Paul – The change will do you good (Intro)
The Montclairs – Hey you! don’t fight (Arche)
Ruby – Deceived/Feminine ingenuity (Gold Token)

FONSOUL (Barcelona)

I have three passions in my life, enjoying mediterranean food with my wife, having babies (with my wife as well) and collecting records. I think Jordi and Cristina just want me to tell you about the last one though. Well, I’ve been collecting for almost fourty years now, being focused in the last decade in afroamerican artists, mainly on 45 format.During the last few years I’ve had the pleasure of spinning records on most of the spanish rallies and clubs (euro yeye, beat goes on, forum, s.m.a.r.t club, boosters, gran guateque to name a few), also recently abroad, in France and Italy. I’m very pleased of being invited for the first time to undeniably one the best clubs around Europe, even more honoured being part of a terrific line-up (cheers Bruno and Costas!). While I mostly spin 60s r&b and soul, this time though you may expect from me a little more early r&b and black r’n’r, also some extra latin soul and boogaloo as well as a little of my usual sounds. Above a small example of what you may listen in my sets. Alternatively you may take a look to my youtube channel at:

The Satelites – We like birdland (Palace)
Al Harrison – Brand new money (Anika)
Banny Price – You love me pretty baby (Jewel)
Barry White and The Atlantics – Tracy (all I have is you) (Faro)
Ree Flores & The Duprell’s – Fine girl (Chelan)
Ernie and Jean Terrell – Love my baby so (Fury)
The Arcades – There’s got to be a loser (Triad)
Frankie and The Damons – Bad woman (The Damons)
Alfredito Linares – Boogaloo girl (Lider COL)
Goody Oswaldo – I’m gonna have my fun (Willow)
Jimmy Sabater – Times are changin’ (Tico)


Acerca de sr. juandó

DISCOS JUANDÓ c/ LLUNA, 27 08001 BARCELONA tel 935540998 email horario LUNES a SABADO de 10:30 a 14:00 y de 16:30 a 20:30
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