la troika del Movin’ On de junio 2/3: George Mahood

GEORGE MAHOOD ******* Movin’ On 1st of June DJ
Something about him

george mahood* Wich was your first experience into the rare soul world? If it was a club, wich one was it?
My friend Chris (now Ayub) King had a funk night in Norwich during the early to mid ‘90s called Superfly which affected me a lot. Then I spent six months buying records in upstate New York when I was at college there in 1996, and got hooked on digging. The following year I started a night of my own in Nottingham at a club called The Lenton, and soon fell under the influence of Keb Darge who ended up playing there once a month. Those were my most important experiences; I never went to a “proper” rare soul club until the early 2000’s, and even then it didn’t really have much of an impression on me.

* Wich is your main aim or interest when playing your records to a soul crowd?
My main interest is in trying to find & play records that most “scene” people don’t know, because I think it’s important to keep the culture moving forward. My aims are to do as much of the digging work as possible myself, since it’s more rewarding that way (there’s no skill in just relying on records made big by other DJs, or on ones that are spoon-fed by tastemakers), and, perhaps more importantly, to build a distinctive overall sound of my own. But at the same time it’s all about having fun, and I like to enjoy myself as much as anyone, so I try not to take it too seriously.

* If you’ve been playing for Movin’ On before, how do you rate your previous experience? If not, just tell us what do you expec it to be.
I’ve played at the club once before, and without wanting to sound like a bum licker, I rate it as one of the best rare soul events I’ve been to. Good resident DJs, club & sound system; enthusiastic & knowledgeable crowd; and based in a great city: it’s got everything covered.

Current Top 10
Toni Cloud: Just What I Need (TCB)
“Sound Dimension”: Give Me Your Love
Dream Makers: Funky Band / Dreamettes: That’s Not Love
Eddie Ray & Funkshun: I Can’t Give You Up (Blue Ash)
Lenis Guess: Why, Why, Why’d She Leave Me (SPQR)
Bill Stanton: Ley’s Get Together (Star West)
Mighty Pope: Mr Fortune (Heart)
Clarence Reid: Carry On (Reid)
Unity & The Downbeats: High Voltage (Selma)
Arthur Foy: Love Dreams (MCS)


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