la troika del Movin’ On de junio 3/3: DAVID RIPOLLES

DAVE RIPOLLES ******* Movin’ On 1st of June DJ
Something about him

dave ripolles* Wich was your first experience into the rare soul world? If it was a club, wich one was it?
My first introduction to the rare soul world came when a couple of my brothers friends who were Wigan Casino regulars brought a box of records to our house around 1976 or ’77… we taped them all and virtually wore those tapes out over the next year or so.

* Wich is your main aim or interest when playing your records to a soul crowd?
My first club experience came a year or two later when My brother and I used to go to the ‘Rudies’ all dayers in Scarborough which coincided with a huge bank holiday scooter rally. We would listen and dance to the likes of Rob Smith and Paul Temple playing amazing Northern Soul. They gave me the first introduction to the more modern side of things via records like Larry Houston, Aristocrats, Dutch Robinson and ZZ and co and in doing so set my taste from then until now!!
I’ve never really considered myself a dj and so when I play records I hope to get the same kind of reaction from a crowd as I like to experience as one of them. I hope to play something a little different to that, that they more usually hear, by mixing up genres, eras, styles and tempos in a way that flows so that dancers want to stay on the floor even when they don’t know a record. I like nothing better than to see someone loving and dancing to a record as if they’ve known it forever and then when it finishes rushing to the decks to say’ What the F.. was that!!?”. If i can touch a few people like that i feel i have done my job. Having played at Movin’ on before, I know that I am going to get that reaction and that is what excites me to keep playing and looking for those elusive tunes…

* If you’ve been playing for Movin’ On before, how do you rate your previous experience? If not, just tell us what do you expect it to be.
Last Decembers Movin’ on probably rates as one of my best ever dj’ing experiences…simply to be sharing the stage with Soul Sam and Butch was enough, but the crowd was inspirational and the atmosphere generated was something that everyone who was there will remember. Happy smiling people dancing without prejudice… it should always be!

My first ten in the box for June are
1. Herman Hitson and eruption- Walking in the Park (lisa)
2. Ishola Muhammad-Open Up Your heart (Guess)
3. The Superbs- wind in My Sails (Doré)
4. Sugar Bear- I love you so (Drells)
5. Power of Attorney- Changing Man (Brotherhood)
6. Williams bros- Ghetto boy (Jemar)
7. Chuck Stephens- Paying For your Love (Leo Mini)
8. Raphael Munnings- Sleep on, Dream on (Alston)
9. The Notations- Now I know ( Cash)
10. The Apostles (C/U) – Illusion


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