la troika del Movin’ On de octubre 3/3 : MARC FORREST

Marc Forrest ******* Movin’ On 5th of October DJ
Something about him

marc forrest* Which was your first experience into the rare soul world? If it was a club, wich one was it?
I first got in touch with Afro American music better late than never (sorry guys, so much work PLUS illness last week..) anyway, here we go, my short (LOL) bio Marc Forrest: started my love affair with black music as a (very) young b boy on the streets of Berlin (West-berlin as it was cold war times still back then) in 1982. Only two years later I discovered the beauty of 1960s Soul thru my mums Motown record collection. Since then I hardly heard or bought anything else than just that: Soul music. Except for a few mod records in my teens and later on rocksteady in my suedehad days this was and up till today is the soundtrack of my life. When the Berlin mods decided to put on their fisrt new years eve nighter in 1986 no one wanted to deejay as chasing the girls and getting drunk seemed much more enjoyable. So it was up to me to sit the whole night behind the decks! BUt it was much to my liking and I discovered the pleasures deejaying can bring you. Back and from then onwards I deejayed as “Agent-oo-Soul” but I soon started to be a bit more innovative and surprising and changed my DJ name to my real name Marc.. around that time I also had the idea to start and run my own Soul nights and allnighters. Together with two friends I started to organize the first and biggest German allnighters in 1989 that attracted up to 1500 people each time. Because of their success I also organized the very first German Soul Weekender in 1990 but that was a financial desaster. Taking my inspiration from a German Motown picture sleeve 45 by Jr. Walker I not only decided to start but also to call it Hip City Soul Club. We just celebrated the 23rd anniversary this july.

* Which is your main aim or interest when playing your records to a soul crowd?
I like to discover, hear and play new and fresh things but still wiggle in my seat or on the dancefloor when I hear great classic Soul tunes that I heard first as a 14 year old! So it just has to have that certain little sth to get me movin`n´groovin…

* If you’ve been playing for Movin’ On before, how do you rate your previous experience? If not, just tell us what do you expect it to be.
This will be my first time in Barcelona and knowing the great taste and standard the spanish and catalan soul crowd has I am REALLY looking forward to it!

* In the box for the Movin’On

Point Of View “I`m Superman”
Waltiea Maxwell “Funky Generation”
Marys Party Track, Jim & Nat”I Don`t Need No Help ( I Can Do Bad By Myself)”
Prophets “Baby I Need Your Loving”
Melba Moore “Finders, Keepers”
Flash McKinley “Which Way Did She Go”
Herman Hitson “Why Not Me”
Little Pam & The Sweet Sweetbacks c/up
Enjoyables “Do the Jerk”


Acerca de sr. juandó

DISCOS JUANDÓ c/ LLUNA, 27 08001 BARCELONA tel 935540998 email horario LUNES a SABADO de 10:30 a 14:00 y de 16:30 a 20:30
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