la megatroika del Movin’ On Weekend 1/3 : ARTHUR FENN

arthur fenn* Which was your first experience into the rare soul world? If it was a club, which one was it?
After going to small local soul nights in 1973 I was lucky to have friends who were going to Blackpool Mecca, this would be 1974 and the records I was hearing changed my life, the mix of great 60’s and newer releases was a huge influence on me and this in turn moulded my collecting and djing style. I am amazed that after all this time I can play from my heart to like minded people all over Europe.

* Which is your main aim or interest when playing your records to a soul crowd?
As far as what I expect from a night I think with the kind of venues I am asked to play my expectations are that we all have a good time, well I hope so anyway.

* If you’ve been playing for Movin’ On before, how do you rate your previous experience? If not, just tell us what do you expect it to be.
I was lucky enough to play at Movin On about 3 years ago so I know what fun we are going to have with the wonderful crowd you guys get.

* Current Top 10
Bernard Drake – I’ve Been Untrue
Allan Harris – Love Is The Answer
The Peacemakers – I’ve Got My Feet On Solid Ground
Flowers – Don’t You Know
Allison & Calvin Turner – Everytime I’m Near You
Faye Hill- Gonna Get Even
Scott 3- Runnin Wild
The Superbs – Wind In My Sails
Arthur Foy- Love Dreams
Unity & The Downbeat – Love Dreams (different song)


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