la megatroika del Movin’ On Weekend 2/3 : STEVE GUARNORI

steve guarnori* Which was your first experience into the rare soul world? If it was a club, which one was it?
I got into the music via the usual route (in Britain) of youth club, and local soul disco (I was already “into” commercial soul music by then). It was there at the local soul disco that I saw two older lads dancing to this strange music. And that’s where my musical journey really begun. Before long I was going to Wigan Casino, Reading Alldayers, St Ives and other venues, but still being at school meant financially I couldn’t go as much as i liked. Record collecting came naturally to me, living quite near to London where there were so many market stalls and junk shops where you could find records cheaply. there were millions of them!

* Which is your main aim or interest when playing your records to a soul crowd?
My main aim when playing a set is to blend in the tunes, so that it flows, and to try and play something different. And of course make sure the crowd hear songs that they appreciate.

* If you’ve been playing for Movin’ On before, how do you rate your previous experience? If not, just tell us what do you expect it to be.
I have been djing in Spain since 2006 (when Sam and I first went to Luanco) and have dj-ed at Movin On in the past (this will be my third visit to Barcelona). I love Movin’ On, there is a lot of positive energy, the crowd are so up for a good time and appreciate some truly wonderful music and are receptive to new tunes as well.

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