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kennedy witTHE KENNEDY WIT selections from famous speeches, press conferences and off-the cuff remarks. Edited by Bill Adler. Narrated by David Brinkley. Spoken Introduction by Adlai E. Stevenson. RCA VICTOR red seal VDM-101 1964.


kennedy the weekTHAT WAS THE WEEK THAT WAS the British Broadcasting Corporation’s tribute to John Fitzgerald Kennedy. The live BBC Telecast television programme, transmitted Saturday November 23, 1963. DECCA DL9116 1964


kennedy memorial 2JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY 1917-1963 A MEMORIAL ALBUM his most famous speeches and comments by Barry Goldwater, Adlai Stevenson, Vice Pres. L.B. Johnson, Sir Alec Home and Pope John XXIII. DIPLOMAT 1000


kennedy memorialJOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY A MEMORIAL ALBUM highlights of speeches made by our beloved president, a memorial tribute produced and broadcast by Radio Station WMCA, New York on Friday November 22, 1963. Narrated by Ed Brown. Produced by Martin Plissner and Ed Brown. Recorded speech material from the files of Radio Press International. PREMIER ALBUMS 2099


kennedy selfJOHN F. KENNEDY A SELF-PORTRAIT . THE GALLANT WARRIOR OF THE THOUSAND DAYS spoken material 1960-1963 from the archives of NBC News recorded out of doors, before big audiences, at the President’s desk in the White House. CAEDMON TC2021 2LP


kennedy presidentialJOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY . THE PRESIDENTIAL YEARS 1960-1963 a documentary, excerpts from great speeches: Pre-election, Election Eve, Oath Of Office, Inaugural, State of the Union Message, Peace Corps, UN Address, Berlin Wall, Nuclear Test, Alliance for Progress, On Cuba, On Labor, Birmingham Segregation, US Steel, Houston, Dallas. 20th CENTURY-FOX RECORDS TFM3127


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